Saturday, September 21, 2019

Best Websites To Buy Custom Domain For Blogger Or Wordpress

If you are willing to start blogging business you have to create best website in or Wordpress.Org then find best theme for your website and purchase costume domain. 

There are many website to buy Custom Domain name some of them popular some beginners,  Today I will show you Top 2 Website for buying Domains Names you can choose for yourself.

Top 2 Websites To Buy Custom Domain For Blogger Or Wordpress

(1) Godaddy
This is the top domains names registrar, Godaddy is good and reliable for buying domains names and almost bigs domains names you know they have registered with godaddy.

Godaddy takes many years in selling custom domain, It's popular website all of the time which have many domains names than any domains names registrar.

You go to godaddy and register to buy your custom domain,  They have many domains names like .Com  .Org .Net and many more which you would see with your eyes.

(2) Namecheap
Second website to buy custom domain is Namecheap, Apat from godaddy there is no good domains names registrar like Namecheap. Because they have good domains names for you if you want to become blogger.

Some people are prefer to buy custom domain from Namecheap than Godaddy because of their reasons. You can register with Namecheap today and buy your custom domain at affordable price. 

Namecheap have many domains names like  . Come .Org  .Net  .Xyz and many good domains for bloggers, Buying good domain it's way to make you more money  in blogging.

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